Hello, my name is John-Joe Pereira Rodríguez but you can call me JJ. I’m a professional photographer with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a major in photography from Sagrado Corazon University with more than 10 years of experience as a photographer. I’m a passionate, dedicated and innovative photographer who exhibits a true love for the craft, art and science of the photography process. Inspires others with creative insight and enthusiasm with advances specialization in weddings, portraits, studio, sports and events.

When I was little, I saw photography as a way to freeze a moment in time that could live over and over. What I find most exciting about photography is being able to capture a moment that lasts less than a second and make it endure forever and ever. Initially I was more interested in photojournalism since, when I was younger; I practices sports and, because of an injury, had to stop practicing. Photography gave me a new way to be involved in sports. When I went to the games, I had a talent for photographs the decisive moments in a game or match. That is what distinguishes professional photographers from amateur.

I photographed my first wedding in 2009, and learned that by combining my experience in photojournalism with the beauty of the wedding experience, I could produce amazing and very natural pictures, keeping my directions to pose to a minimum. Right now we are located in the Innova Incubators in Caguas Puerto Rico. This program strengthens innovative SMEs (PyMEs in spanish) so they can grow and an then go on their own.

"The secret of stunning pictures is to be at the perfect instant, with the adequate light, to capture that fleeting moment”. - JJ


I am very excited to be able to document this very special day for you. For me it's extremely important to meet in time to discuss several points that are vital to achieve that the result is better than you expect. My purpose and goal is to make you enjoy every moment of your wedding and while the photos are being taken, to be able to create different scenes where you can feel comfortable and natural.

We will answer all the questions you have to make sure we meet each of your expectations. I am characterized by excellent customer service, always making them feel comfortable. My style is a mix of photojournalism and classic, capturing unique and natural moments.

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“Wow! The word with which I describe them. Too professional and the human quality of the whole team was phenomenal. Recommended with eyes closed. 💫💥”

“If you are looking for a professional, creative, diligent, responsible and committed photographer, JJ Photo Art is the photographer. JJ was the photographer for my “Love Story” and my wedding and we have absolutely no regrets about choosing him for such a special moment. We are convinced that JJ understands the value of a unique moment in life and we know it for the quality of his work and his dedication to capturing each one of them. These unique moments have become unforgettable thanks to his photographs.”

“A magical experience✨ From the engagement session and every moment of our wedding JJ do it with a lot of patience and attention to every detail, makes every moment be recorded in a professional way. We will live grateful 👰🏻🤵🏻 because it definitely exceeded our expectations.”

“There is no better experience than hiring JJ Photo Art. Always present, attentive, thoughtful, photo quality at another level, complacent, looking for all the alternatives you have, the only thing I did not have to worry about at the wedding was the photos, we knew the quality and style of JJ's work and that we didn't have to worry about anything because everything was going to be exactly as it was PERFECT. I RECOMMEND IT FULL”

“When we first contacted JJ, we were very clear about what we wanted from him as a photographer. Very kindly, he guided us on what would be the best alternatives, according to his knowledge. Finally, when the day came, he was very professional, funny, flexible, and diligent. The results were amazing images that captured every detail of my special day.”

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